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Why Shred

Your business is nobody’s business.

Each day, businesses just like yours generate tons of confidential information. How are you protecting this confidential material? A secure document destruction program from PNS, Inc. is the best prevention against corporate espionage and identity theft. Even better, it’s one of the easiest ways to protect your profits and security. Common sense aside, federal regulations demand that certain information be disposed of properly: we ensure you’re compliant. Keep your private information private by contacting us today. Security of proprietary information

Having a security guard doesn’t mean your company is secure.

Your success rests on innovation, leadership, and reputation. Unfortunately, documents thrown in the trash or taken out of recycling bins threaten the very livelihood of your business. Information about your clients, vendors, partners, and company are left vulnerable when you don’t dispose of them carefully and properly.

When you securely destroy your proprietary information, you’re making a wise security move. You’re protecting the hard work, ideas, and proprietary systems that make your company successful.

Workplace privacy

Your information + the wrong hands = a recipe for disaster.

Companies in the United States lose over $45 billion dollars each year because their trade secrets are stolen. Here’s the kicker: contrary to popular belief, most of this information is not lost due to sneaky computer hackers. The real culprit: Dumpster diving.

In simple terms, much of our sensitive information is printed: we make copies of proposals, contracts, budgets, and any day to day incidental records (just to name a few). Technological revolution aside, our companies run on paper. When we throw these documents into the recycling bin, they’re left for the whole world to see and read.

When you implement a document destruction program with Pacific Northwest Shredding, you can rest easy. Our locked bins keep information hidden from prying eyes, our screened professionals ensure a secure chain of custody, all material is completely annihilated, and your trade secrets remain secret.

They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Protect your company’s privacy: implement a document destruction program today.

Identity theft

You have a lot on your plate: the last thing you need is angry clients and employees. When you’re in business, you accumulate private, confidential information from clients, employees, and contractors. Things like social security numbers and credit card information become your responsibility. Unfortunately, identity theft is a major problem. And, while you may be taking extreme measures to protect your electronic data, most identity theft occurs through traditional channels: by stealing records.

At Pacific Northwest Shredding, we believe that implementing a secure document destruction program is good business: you’re not only protecting your workforce and your clients, but your business reputation, too.

Compliance: To Shred is The Law

In case our common sense didn’t inspire you, perhaps Uncle Sam will.

Shredding your private information is more than a wise business move, it’s the law. In an effort to protect the privacy of patients and consumers, several laws have been put on the books. These mandates require businesses to destroy their confidential information:

When you work with Pacific Northwest Shredding, you’re ensuring that your business is compliant with federal laws. To learn more about these laws, please visit our Resource Center.

Save time and money

Security doesn’t mean expensive.

You might be hesitant to invest in Pacific Northwest Shredding because you think it’ll be too costly. Besides, you can have employees shred things.

Here’s the deal: outsourcing your document destruction will save you time and money. Don’t believe us? Consider the following:

In addition to the tangible cost savings, by having our certified professionals destroy your sensitive information you’re protecting your reputation. Want to learn more? Contact Pacific Northwest Shredding at (206) 322-8461 to find out how your business can save money with a document destruction program.

Pacific Northwest Shredding has been great to work with. Their employees are helpful, friendly and honestly seem to enjoy their job! Thank you for your wonderful service.

- Brian B., Pharmaceuticals

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PACIFIC NORTHWEST Shredding, Inc., is NAID AAA Certified PACIFIC NORTHWEST Shredding, Inc., is NAID AAA Certified The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) enforces the highest standard of security for document destruction companies. NAID ensures all procedures surpass strict security guidelines before they grant certification. Lean more
PRISM International™ is the standard-setting body advocating for best practices in records and information management.
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