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The National Association for Information Destruction launches an enhanced online membership directory

Posted Friday, January 16, 2015 by Mark Mamon II, CSDS.

A better way to search and view your provider’s services!

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NAID has recognized that delivering a platform that shows potential customers specific service provider information and characteristics is the best way for that customer to make a good decision on which service provider to choose for their secure information destruction services requirements. When searching for Pacific Northwest Shredding, Inc., you’ll notice that there are specific search criteria you can click on to verify if we provide a service or solution that you are looking for.

Why is this significant to me, the customer? The NAID online membership directory helps you to determine what services are being offered and provided by your current provider, services that you have not already realized being provided by your current provider and/or what services you could benefit from by potentially utilizing a different service provider, should your current provider not offer those services. After all, it is to the customer’s advantage for doing the research in the first place; hence the cliche “Did WE do OUR homework?”

Regarding the criteria that should interest YOU, the current or potential client of our services, we have listed them for you below so that you can stay ahead of the curve when it comes to our services.

  1. Is PacNWShred NAID AAA Certified for mobile shredding services? Answer: YES! Since 2003.

  2. Are we licensed to provide NAID Customer Employee Training? Answer: Yes! We also soon expect for NAID to address the Information Destruction Compliance Tool Kit (IDCTK) criteria as well. The training program is an important part of the IDCTK. Your organization should adopt both programs for utmost protection and compliance. More about the IDCTK can be found here.

  3. Does PacNWShred provide NAID’s new Downstream Data Coverage? Answer: We currently are working on receiving this coverage so that we can appropriately address the contractual liability obligations of your organization for data-related services and speak intelligently and confidently with you about the coverage. Date of expected policy coverage is February 2015. We will also notify you when this coverage takes place and how you can take advantage of the new policy.

  4. Can you (the customer) monitor PacNWShred’s certification status and/or request the most recent audit report to verify compliance? Answer: YES. To request the most recent audit report, please email Mark Mamon II,CSDS at as he is authorized to send you these official reports for your records. Please title the email “NAID Audit Report Request”. We soon will also provide a webpage for ease of access for this request.

Now that we have gone over the imporant and most recent criteria you need to know about your data-related service provider, what you can expect in the near future is that PacNWShred will also be indemnified by NAID’s very own produced Downstream Data Coverage along with further updates to the enhanced online membership directory. To find out more about Downstream Data Coverage, please click here. To learn more about the NAID Customer Employee Training program that is part of our criteria of the new search platform, please click here.

Finally, we realize that this is a lot of information to digest. Our hope is to be as transparent as possible and to keep you utmost informed about the Secure Destruction Industry and all that we do and it does to protect you when it comes to Secure Information and Data Destruction. Should you have any questions or comments in regards to the blog post, please call Mark Mamon II, CSDS at 206-322-8461 or e-mail him at To access the online membership portal for NAID members/service providers, please click here: Online Membership Directory

Thank you again. I am already impressed with your company based on your quick and consistent reply.

- Diane W., Hospitality Industry

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